3 Day Brainstorming & Strategic Planning at IMD

View from Movenpick Hotel window at 6am

At IMD Executive Business School in Lausanne for first trip of 2012 and its a beautiful day. In 2011 came on 5 trips to work with Prof Preston Bottger, as a visual communications coach developing his materials.

We working on a ‘deck’ of PowerPoint slides that will translate into custom presentations across the areas of IMD he works in. Part of these will evolve into infographics with click to animation and video features – very exciting to start getting some of the tools online. ipads are standard here, so tools have to translate into an interactive file which adds to the dimensions you can communicate the materials in.

As we’re still at development stage today was another really stimulating day of strategic development, discussing the topcis and honing the content and graphics to deliver an engaging and consistent story. Some graphic facilitation is involved, always good to get some large sheet drawing in the mix! Plus a full range of post-its and a ton of bluetack so we can move idea sheets around easily – such fun!

Preston is a Professor of Leadership so whilst developing the materials i learnt a ‘bunch of stuff’ as my old boss Phil Buerk at Disney used to say. Mainly its a unique chance to set up a brainstorming room, cover the walls with printouts and really develop some ideas. Offices come equipped with pretty much everything, so the flow keeps going. Each trip is usually 3 days and we work in between via email and the phone – progress is rapid, if you have a client who knows their topic ti can really work well.

I bring my portable office kit, laptop, digital tablet, camera and a huge box of graphic facilitation tools. By the end of this trip we’ll have his next major piece completed and I’ll design a workbook and online materials to support. Its an ideal consultancy project… and we laugh loads too – what more can you say?

Tonight managed to get out and jog along Lake Geneva and nearly fell in when a group of swans came round the corner, jogging down the steps through the fountains had shades of Rocky!

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