How I Work

When I returned from working in Hong Kong and Los Angeles in 1997  I founded Scarlet Design International Ltd. Since then my business has changed dramatically, through our team of expert consultants and resources we now provide an extensive range of services and skills.

Our team work closely with clients, companies and consultants who share our values, aims and ambitions. These collaborations produce fruitful and innovative outcomes, enabling us to provide our clients with more extensive and higher quality outcomes. Also, we believe that getting more people ‘into the mix’ brings fresh perspectives, new knowledge and generally a lot more fun to our working day!

Our experienced team includes:

Visual Facilitators

• Rachel Walsh

• Helen Frost

• Siobhan Grice


• Angela Jones-Evans

• Eleri Miles (Welsh Language)


• Rob Levison

We have a strategic partnership with Adriana Owens Design

Strategic Planning

We have a strategic partnership with The Horan Group in Singapore.

Social Design

• Isabel Vander

Scarlet Design International Ltd’s Company Terms & Conditions are available upon request, please contact us for a copy.