Creative Industries Event

Today went to the Welsh Government ‘Creative Industries’ event at the Atrium. Over-subscribed 3x they presented the range of funding opportunities available. A lot of info to take in, so decided to make some visual minutes to make some sense of the millions of £££ being discussed! Overall, very useful investment of 2.5 hours of my time, and would recommend to anyone who can get a place at the other events across Wales.

Would like to see them put on a conference following the Welsh Entrepreneurs 2012 model, bringing all the different creatives together in one place.

3 Day Brainstorming & Strategic Planning at IMD

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At IMD Executive Business School in Lausanne for first trip of 2012 and its a beautiful day. In 2011 came on 5 trips to work with Prof Preston Bottger, as a visual communications coach developing his materials. We working on a ‘deck’ of PowerPoint slides that will translate into custom presentations across the areas of […]