Experience working for a global giant such as Disney has provided Fran with a broad and unique skillset.

Her work in the corporate sector spans all sections of the business, from planning, to development and delivery. Fran’s experience and skills in design, facilitation, training and business strategy ofter result in her being commissioned to complete one stage of a project and then being invited to undertake a broader role. This is a ‘Win-Win’ scenario for both Fran and the client, she is able to use her in-depth knowledge of the brand/company to inform all aspects of the project, becoming in effect an in-house expert. Whilst for the client they have the benefit of an external resource being up-to-speed on the project, one who can ensure consistency and also suggest economies of scale.

She works primarily in Europe for large corporations and as a coach with IMD, Executive Business School, Lausanne and the WIN Leadership Conferences in Rome and Paris.

Fran has also been working extensively for The Walt Disney Company (Europe) regional office in London since 1999 creating styleguides, toolkits and brand manuals. On their recommendation Fran has worked with several licensees and strategic partners, including:

• Nestlé International Travel Retail

• Agfa Photo

• The Baylis & Harding Company

• Uniset

• Tigex