Completing the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE Pcet) in 2009 qualified Fran to teach/train 16+ years. She works as an associate tutor at 2 Universities in Cardiff, and also as a coach at IMD Executive Business School.

A large percentage of Fran’s recent work has been combining her design and educator/practitioner skills developing training materials, workbooks and online tools to support e-learning.

Open University
Fran contributed to a ‘The Art of Rich Pictures’ video series, this collection of films explores the concept of Rich Pictures and many ways images have evolved into communication tools. Click here to view the Open University videos.

Cardiff School of Art & Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University

As an Associate Tutor at CSAD Fran designs and delivers professional skills workshops, lectures, group/one-to-one tutorials and informal mentoring on the BA (Hons) Graphic Communications and BA (Hons) Illustration degrees. The 2-3 hour highly interactive workshops with groups of up to 45 students, use a range of student-centred methods (including the popular ‘5 cakes’ analogy and eating session) to create lively and innovative learning experiences:

o  Practising as a design professional – Fran O’Hara career presentation
o  ‘Finding your 20%’ – Identifying your skills and strengths
o  ‘Maximising your 15 minutes’ – Interviews and portfolios
o  ‘Working in the real world’ – demystifying the placement experience
o  ‘Identifying YOUR design process’ – evaluating the brief and ideas generation
o  Improving accessibility in print and communications – inclusive design matters
o  Portfolio and website review sessions

University of Glamorgan

Fran is also a guest lecturer at UoG on the Foundation studies and BA Graphic Communications, with a focus on idea generation and product development workshops.

Cardiff University, School of Engineering

Fran has been working with the CU School of Engineering since 1999, and are proud of our long-standing relationship with this world class team, which has resulted in brochures, corporate identities, presentations and promotional stands. Our marketing and communications coaching has enabled the team to continue to be competitive in a changing Education Sector, including:

• Brand strategy, marketing and communications coaching
• Creating the ‘Institute of Energy’ Brochure new identity and promotional brochure
• Extending the CU branding to fresh interpretations in the Medical and Aerospace brochures
• A logo, brochures and promotional stands for their multi-million pound GTRC facility

IMD Executive Business School, Lausanne

In her consultancy role as Communications Coach/Research Assistant at IMD Fran works with Professor of Leadership Preston Bottger creating engaging and effective communication and training tools including: interactive ipad workbook materials / PowerPoint presentations / training  programmes / visual maps / graphic recordings.