Ideas Generation & Innovation

Ideas generation and innovation are the key to creative thinking, and with a structured process and methodology any group of people can collectively find new approaches, perspectives and solutions themselves.

Fran leads ideas generation sessions using visual-led methods and materials, they can be used as individual sessions and also as part of a wider project brief, where new thinking is required to bring change and a fresh approach.

• Mindmaps and Thinking Maps
• Window Paning
• Edward De Bono ‘7 Thinking Hats’
• Visual Mapping
• Group Graffiti Wall Maps
• Coaching Cards
• Picture and quote montages
• ‘Picture This’ Postcards

Applications of how ideas generation include to:

• refresh brands and corporate identities
• create new product ideas or product lines
• identify new strategies
• develop innovative campaigns or messages
• inspire/re-energise an existing group/team
• collectively develop a strategic plan
• resolve conflict and create alignment

The methods are very effective in breaking down the components and looking at all of the issues involved leading to good idea generation. It is good to have another pair of eyes that isn’t involved in working with these issues day to day looking at the situation and isn’t constrained by practicalities or politics.”

Participant, RNIB Campaign Ideas Generation Workshop

“Fran is a natural facilitator. She blends a wealth of personal experience with an in-depth subject knowledge pitched at just the right level for her audience. In her presentations she has the ability to relate the conceptual to everyday experience in an engaging and effective manner. Would we ask her to run a workshop at COI again? No question.”

Robert Levison, Senior Design Manager, Central Office for Information