Graphic facilitation & scribing in front of 1320 people in 1 week – Phew!

Graphic recording on my trusty board, very high up - not for those with vertigo

Last week I started with visual minutes for the amazing Camila Batmanghelidjh, at the General Teaching Council for Wales’ 2012 Wales Education Lecture. Camila Batmanghelidjh, the founder of the charity Kids Company

Classic lecture theatre venue, steeply-angled wooden seats

Camilla delivered a 1 hour lecture entitled ‘Neurosis, Numeracy and Neurons: the challenges of delivering education to vulnerable children and young people’. She explored the challenges faced by school staff when trying to reach out to vulnerable children in their care, and questioned if the time has come for a paradigm shift in the management of vulnerable children within educational settings.

I created 3 visual minutes maps and a record of the Q&A (click to download), scribing in the classic lecture theatre at the National Museum – the maps will be online next week. Thanks to Isabel Vander for volunteer support and photos.

“Delighted with the results; whenever I get the opportunity to do this type of thing again, I’ll certainly give you a shout!” Helen Lowcock James, General Teaching Council for Wales

Large scale mapping of keynotes, then displayed on conference walls

Next Rome… My third WIN Global Leadership Conference, this time round I created visual minutes from the inspiring WIN founder Kristin Envig, keynotes and two forums: the Corporate Forum and the Unilever, Diversity & Inclusion expert forum. Then straight onto a classic Italian Palace hotel restaurant for more visual recording of their team dinner.

This is what 950 women looks like

This year there was 950 women, which in itself is an unusual experience to be part of! Set up to for women to share, connect, network and learn, I always come away refreshed, inspired and with new skills for the workplace.

This year felt lucky to share it with Jane Horan who flew in from Singapore, a former Disney Colleague, Author, Collaborator, D&I guru, Friend and all-round amazing woman. These maps are on a lorry with 100s of drums driving back to Lausanne, then will be returned to me and shared.

Leading the World Café & Scribing to show it can be done by one person

Onto Geneva on the 8.25am flight… My first IAF Europe Conference, very gentle with a HUGE amount of expert knowledge, these people had facilitated some really out-there stuff. The Peace Core, Afghanistan, Somali Pirates, Africa, Kosovo, a challenge to lead sessions with a group this experienced. Created visual minutes from a couple of sessions, also lead a visual facilitation and engagement workshop with 27 people Engage & Excite Training.

27 people at my 'Engage & Excite' workshop

Lovely space to teach in and a knowledgeable and energetic group, I learnt nearly as much as they did! Last day I led an adapted version with 120 people of the World Cafe process as part of the closing session. Again, opened the floor for the experts to share their experiences back and discovered some useful new tried and tested methods. Definitely going to Stockholm next year! Completing these maps early next week and will be posted on my site and IAFEurope Facebook.

Sleep and relax with the family. Working on an RSA Animate style video on Diversity & Inclusion and getting all the maps completed.

Such a HUGE positive response to the visual minutes maps, graphic facilitation and World Café that I’m planning to run training sessions in London, Cardiff/North Wales, Geneva, Amsterdam and Singapore either later this year or early 2013. Please email if you wish to be added to the updates list.

Lastly, the joys of travel, seeing sights of beauty and wonder, meeting old and new friends and learning so much that makes life richer.

Pilots doing 360 degree turn above Mount Blanc "for their and our pleasure" - stunningly beautiful. And slightly scary when the world tilted over.

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