We work with media companies to consolidate their communications and raise their profile, from their corporate identity to print, website design and social media.

Custom Communications/SMI 2011
Using a Wacom digital tablet and laptop Fran created two digital maps for their Social Media Influence 2011 conference presentations. These were shared on the SMI2011 site for visitors to use as social media collateral and on twitter:
Crisis Communications in a Social Media Age
Social Analytics Customer Insight Map

Through her working relationship with Matt Yeomans from Custom Communication Fran has attended the last 3 Social Media Influence Conferences, providing her with an indepth knowledge of the power and scope of social media/ business.

XYZ Communications/Prospect China
Fran worked with Shelley Zhu on all areas of their communications, to plan, design and deliver the launch communications for their new ‘Prospect China’ brand – to ensure their messages were present across a range of platforms. Prospect China

Fran works with BBC Wales and BBC Radio Wales as a brand expert and commentator.

Sunrise Interiors
Scarlet Design has a long-standing professional relationship with Claire Parsons from Sunrise Interiors, we worked with Claire to plan her new site map and contents, so it more effectively conveys the breadth and depth of their offer.

Allies Design
Susanna and her team at Allies Design are collaborators and clients whom we have enjoyed working with for over 20 years. We work together on packaging and brand development projects, with Fran bringing a planning, ideas generation and product development specialism to the mix. Allies expertise in quality ‘design with heart’ makes the collaboration process stimulating and enjoyable. For their team Fran runs company culture and creative thinking workshops.