Tower Fund Consultation Workshops

Client: Tower Fund & Good Relations Wales

Brief: The Tower Fund had launched their new identity and wanted to run a series of consultation events to ask the people in the 4 communities how they would like to spend the fund. Our main aim was to create a space where everyone’s views could be captured and they could meet the team, as Tower Fund wanted each community to lead how their money would be spent.

Action: Working with the client teams Scarlet Design created a Community Consultation Toolkit, characters, printed materials – everything they would need to communicate the event and engage with the local communities. We co-planned and led the launch events, using a mix of drawing materials, postcards, giant floor maps and wall posters to capture people’s views.

Results: The new Tower Fund identity we created was everywhere – great to see! Posters, leaflets, wall sheets, the website, mobile unit and also on TV: Tower Fund on ITV.  In addition to the information captured at the events – hundreds of postcards and the wallmaps – Fran also created an on-the-spot strategic map to clearly explain how, when and by whom the ‘pot of money’ could be spent, this map is now being using to communicate the project with communities, business partners and stakeholders.

If you’d like us to graphic facilitate a similar event, or a copy of the full case study report in Adobe pdf format please contact us.



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