Training & Coaching

Fran is an accredited Post-Compulsory Sector (age 16+) teacher with a PGCE Pcet from Cardiff Metropolitan University. She has an Action Learning ILM Level 5 accreditation, and is expected gain Level 6 in mid January 2012. She has undertaken the RNIB ‘Accessible Communications’, and the Learning Disability Wales ‘Easy Read’ training courses.

Gained through her extensive professional experience working all over the world, Fran is a capable and innovative leader, using primarily visual-led self-designed materials to deliver training and coaching.

She has a strong cultural awareness, and believes in placing the participant at the centre of the learning process.

She is an experienced trainer, coach and facilitator, and guest lectures at two Universities in Cardiff. Her design and communication skills enable her to create bespoke materials and presentations, develop process and training manuals. Fran can deliver sessions individually or with her team of trained coaches and facilitators.

Working with three different training companies, Fran is currently developing online training tools and e-learning programmes, and aims to extend this part of the company’s work in 2012.