Brand Management & Strategy

Our brand culture and development workshops aim to align the external perceptions with the internal reality of your organisation.

A brand is a series of external perceptions, and each interaction builds perceptions – this makes each person a brand manager. Making it even more important that wherever your team are ‘talking’ about your brand. This could be on social media… at meetings… at a networking event… they are communicating the same consistent, appropriate messages.

Training & Coaching

These informal, dynamic workshops put the participants at the centre of the process, so THEY can identify their core values, messages and priorities and build a strategic plan which manages their brand and perceptions effectively. Using our innovative visual-led facilitation methods and tools to increase engagement, energy and outcomes, we can:

• Undertake a brand audit exercise, including team questionnaires in advance and presentation
of the results evaluation at the session

• Lead a brand audit session to review current perceptions of your brand/organisation

• Run a company culture workshop to define language, tone, values

• Assist your team with copywriting, marketing and communication materials

• Work with you to create materials which are accessible and appropriate for your audience

“Fran facilitated our internal brand audit, leading two high-energy sessions using a series of innovative methods that assisted us with our future planning and also had the additional benefits of enabling us to identify our personal skills and strengths and build the team dynamic.
Susanna Cook, MD, Allies Design

For further Information please telephone Fran on 07780 675352 or contact us.