Communications Coaching

An integral part of communicating is the ability to identify and convey your message to the right people in the right places. Fran coaches individuals and companies in communications and marketing, on a one-to-one and group basis.

Fran’s communications philosophy is underpinned by the two reasons why people ‘buy’ a product (i.e. anything you are trying to ‘sell’ to someone, can be an idea… a 3D product… a service… a value) either:

(1) it looks like something they already own so they feel comfortable with it, making it a low risk proposition


(2) it’s aspirational, they see the product and want to be part of that world – higher risk but still has to be attainable and a good ‘fit’

Every interaction with the customer builds their perceptions of your brand/product. How and what you communicate will decide the action the customer will take. Whichever arena you need to be present in – online website, social media, print or simply in everyday emails we can assess your messages/business proposition and work out the best way for you to manage and deliver these interactions.

How can we help you?

In today’s information rich world everyone needs to talk where their audiences are listening, in the language they understand/expect. Fran works with clients in the following areas to make their communications more effective:

• Defining your message and communication platforms

• Auditing/development/design of communication materials

• Copywriting and editing

• Creating accessible materials (RNIB compliant)

• Easy Read and alternative format publications

• Production of bilingual materials

• Social media/social business planning

 For further Information please telephone Fran on 07780 675352 or contact us.

What have clients said?

“The Older People’s Commission for Wales have worked with Fran in producing a variety of publications and in developing our communications style. We have always found her to be very creative and approachable with ideas and suggestions that stimulate discussion balanced  with a good understanding of how we can more effectively communicate and make our documents more accessible. Fran’s expertise in design and report writing have helped us deliver some of our most critical documents, including our 2009/10 Annual Report and the well publicised “Dignified Care?” Report.”

Kate Hughes, Communications and Engagement Manager, Older People’s Commissioner for Wales

“Fran is a good designer but her offer goes way beyond than that. She has a blend of skills and knowledge that includes commercial, writing and coaching. Working with Fran is a pleasure. She works to the highest standard and contributes to all aspect of the project. I would recommend her to any business that wants to succeed.”

Shelley Zhu, Director Prospect China and XYZ Communications

The School wanted some promotional material that would get their message out to the business community. The clients and their colleagues were delighted with the final product. The brochures have been disseminated widely to a range of customers and high profile visitors to the School, we believe that it has helped put their Energy Institute on the map.”

Cherrie Summers, Publicity and Marketing Manager, School of Engineering, Cardiff University