Graphic & Visual Facilitation Training

We offer graphic and visual facilitation training in a range of formats – group, 1-1, bespoke team training and e-learning. The most important message in all our training is that… You don’t need to be able to draw to use graphics to facilitate!


• September 16 & 17, 2013: ‘Essential Visual Facilitation Skills’ Cardiff, Wales
• January 14 & 15 2014: ‘Essential Visual Facilitation Skills’ Cardiff, Wales

You can read our event brochure HERE, participants can attend 1 or both days of the course.

Our courses provide you with an insight into the theory behind the methodology, effective tools and techniques and a series of activities to enable you to practice and find your own personal style. You can then book additional coaching or e-learning sessions to provide continuing support whilst you develop your skills.

These are informal sessions, designed to put everyone at their ease and remove barriers, by the end of the day most participants are enjoying drawing so much, that they don’t want to go home! We provide all the materials including large rolls of paper, art materials and a workbook and have successfully led workshops at client’s workplaces, in large hired studio spaces and at conferences – all we need are some big flat walls, flipchart stands and an enthusiasm to learn.

Client feedback has shown that learning a range of basic techniques has transformed how they work, with additional coaching and advanced training embedding skills and improving confidence.


Our primary aim is for all participants to gain the confidence and skills to develop their own personal visual facilitation style

Each person has their own strengths and experience, which the course will build on. We provide a range of materials to experiment with, and by working through a series of proven exercises we ensure participants are able to practice in a comfortable environment and
master new skills in a short time.

We offer a 1/5 day or 1 day introduction consists of a presentation of the power of visual communications, followed by the training session and then an opportunity to trial some visual-led different materials, techniques and facilitation methods such as ‘World Café’, Consultation ‘Story walls’, and ‘Group Grafitti’.

We also offER a two day workshop, which provides more in-depth skills and opportunities to practice. You will learn about simple techniques to make flip-charts more engaging, use of colour, perspective, typography and graphic devices such as framing.

For those without the time or budget, or ability to travel to training workshops we are happy to offer an e-coaching option. Fran is experienced in e-coaching using skype and dropbox to share materials and comments. Having a mentor provide specific feedback for your individual style as you create maps provides new graphic facilitators with the ability to hone their skills ‘on the job’ use real projects.

We can also assist with planning sessions using visual-led methods, to increase group participation and create maps and tools which capture the outputs.

Using Age Cymru/Oxfam ‘Seizing the Moment’ Seminars as an example, STM_Seminars1 we co-designed the bilingual session activities to place the participants at the centre of the process. This ensured that the aims for the sessions were met and that Age Cymru/Oxfam were able to capture useful information to inform their future work, through the activity map.

We ran a one-day visual communications training bringing a whole new skillset to the facilitation team, some participant feedback:

“Very useful in my role – I do a lot of process-mapping and design / flowcharts are useful but, become boring after a while. This is a fun and innovative vehicle for me to use in my work and it is very engaging.”

“Inspired by the possibilities! Suspect I will find many ways to use what I have learned but coaching, teaching and meetings will never be the same again. I love it! ” 

“Using key images with groups to give more depth to the ideas, thoughts and feelings they have on a topic, encouraging expression.”  

“Build in more and more visuals / Use Agenda Design Flip Charts immediately /Gradually introduce more creations.”  

“Display ideas and thoughts in graphics from meetings. Engage more people.”

For further Information please telephone Fran on 07780 675352 or contact us.