Inclusive Design and Accessibility

“You can only ever IMPROVE the accessibility of a design, nothing is fully accessibility
unless you have tested it with the individual, and then it’s only more accessible to them.”

This statement during a meeting with a leading equality and diversity expert brought a ‘lightbulb’ moment for Fran, the notion that improving accessibility was the key to inclusive communications. Also that all visual communications are 100% bespoke and defined by individual preferences (which they often are unaware of) and circumstances – that can continually change. As a designer all you can do is to research the target audience, look for models of design and create a concept/mock-up draft of your communication, taking into account how the end product will be used. Then adhere to ‘best practice’ and test it with the end user before, during and after the design process.

Background information

As part of her post-graduate teaching qualification she completed a 6000 word major study, and also delivered at paper at the Include 11 conference at the RCA on this topic. Fran has completed the RNIB ‘Accessible Communications’ course and delivers workshops in ‘Improving Accessibility of Print and Communications’ to BA Graphic Communications students at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Training & Coaching

She delivers a range of training and coaching on this topic, working closely with clients to train teams and individuals to make their communication materials more inclusive. Clients find it very useful to have an accessibility expert review their materials and suggest ways to apply and ‘bend’ rules so they are as compliant as possible within brand constraints and budgets. Including:

• One-to-one or group training in improving accessibility of communications

• Working with the information-giver to create bespoke guidelines based on the RNIB

• Document/Presentation design and production of templates

• Auditing of current materials and production of suggestions for best practice

• Training in production of bilingual materials

“Thanks again for the custom training, it’s helped a lot. The accessibility insights from the training were of huge help too, especially given the audience we’re trying to reach here.”

Lyndon Rhodes, ICT Officer, Older People’s Commissioner for Wales

 For further Information please telephone Fran on 07780 675352 or contact us.