Professional Skills (University)

Cardiff School of Art & Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University

As an Associate Tutor at CSAD Fran designs and delivers professional skills workshops, lectures, group/one-to-one tutorials and informal mentoring on the
BA (Hons) Graphic Communications and BA (Hons) Illustration degrees. The 2-3 hour highly interactive workshops with groups of up to 45 students, use a range of student-centred methods (including the popular ’5 cakes’ analogy and eating session) to create lively and innovative learning experiences:

o  Practising as a design professional – Fran O’Hara career presentation
o  ‘Finding your 20%’ – Identifying your skills and strengths
o  ‘Maximising your 15 minutes’ – Interviews and portfolios
o  ‘Working in the real world’ – demystifying the placement experience
o  ‘Identifying YOUR design process’ – evaluating the brief and ideas generation
o  Improving accessibility in print and communications – inclusive design matters
o  Portfolio and website review sessions

“Fran has been a key contributor to the Professional Practice component of our undergraduate programme for a number of years now. She brings a wealth of commercial experience and empathy to the students and is able to motivate and provide guidance and insight for their career development. She has been a major factor in successfully preparing our students for work in the Creative Industries.”
Ian Weir, Senior Lecturer, CSAD, Cardiff Metropolitan University

University of Glamorgan

Fran is also a guest lecturer at UoG on the Foundation studies and BA Graphic Communications, with a focus on idea generation and product development workshops.

For further Information please telephone Fran on 07780 675352 or contact us.