Visual Communications Training

The current advancement of digital technology has resulted in everyone becoming an information-giver.

We work with clients to train their teams and individuals to make not only the best, but also most appropriate communications. There are so many ways to increase the receiver’s engagement – and we aim to teach non-designers some tricks of the trade so they are aware of many more of them!

Best practice when teaching or communicating information is to present it in as many learner styles as possible. With over 65%+ of people preferring to receive information in a visual format it makes sense to ensure your materials take this into account. We highlight the different areas to consider, your use of imagery and graphics, the layout, colour palette, paper stock/material and format.

Training & Coaching

Working at your office, and independent venue or at our studio, we run sessions using case studies, hard copy examples and a full range of reference materials. Participants are encouraged to bring samples to review, and ‘real life’ projects to apply their skills to. We can also conduct coaching remotely using e-learning tools.

For further Information please telephone Fran on 07780 675352 or contact us.