Copywriting & Editing

We aim to deliver leadership at each stage of the development process, and a large percentage of effective communication is based around copywriting and messages.

To engage and excite the reader copy should be pitched correctly, speaking with the appropriate ‘voice’ with excellent grammar and spelling. We offer a wrap-around service, assisting clients to define their messages, refine the wording and design the final materials to convey them.

Our team work with clients in a variety of ways, whichever fits with their organisation’s work processes:

• Clients can supply copy and we will edit and rewrite to fit the final document

• We can conduct interviews to reveal the information and then write the text

• We can work collaboratively with clients in a ‘tagteam’ style process to work together to create the copy.

We have developed a range of methods which we use with clients, led by a graphic facilitator using large-scale sheets of paper on pinboards and walls, these include:

• Brand/message/values definition workshops

• Audit surveys and questionnaires

• Consultation processes such as World Café, group grafitti, post-it message boards

• Discussion sessions with paper tablesheets, postcard-centred activities

• Visual maps with spaces for participants to include their responses

• Action learning sets with flipcharts to capture outcomes