Graphic Facilitation

Graphic faciliating a session at the WIN 2011 Leadership Conference in Rome in OctoberGraphic facilitation is simply that – facilitation that uses graphics!

It opens the door to a wide range of visual-led methods to increase the engagement and energy of sessions. A visual metaphor can bring clarity to complex or difficult topics, the possibilities are endless… Participants find it very powerful to see their responses captured, their voices heard:

“Seeing you write down what I said was amazing, it made me want to contribute more,
that I’d made a difference.”

In particular, a map with a metaphor or story template acts as a tool to add a new dimension to facilitated sessions – the map and flipcharts become an intergal device to session plan to achieve
the aims, and provide a tangible output afterwards.

Who can do it?

Anyone can do it, even those who think they ‘can’t draw’! You can learn ways to use more graphics in your facilitation through icons, fonts, framing and colour. Also purchasing the right equipment, and learning some tricks of the trade makes a huge difference, and gives facilitators new tools for their methods ‘toolkit’.

Training and coaching

We offer training for both individuals and groups, which can take place either at an appropriate venue or online as e-coaching. Participants learn several useful transferable skills in these sessions: active listening, an ability to synthesise and condense information, how to communicate information more effectively and how to make communications more accessible.

Some comments from workshop participants on how they’d use their new graphic facilitation skills:

“Inspired by the possibilities! Suspect I will find many ways to use what I have learned but coaching, teaching and meetings will never be the same again. I love it!

“Very useful in my role – I do a lot of process-mapping and design / flowcharts are useful but, become boring after a while. This is a fun and innovative vehicle for me to use in my work
and it is very engaging. Thanks.”

“Will use visual images and ideas learnt today to enhance my facilitation of groups.”

“Using key images with groups to give more depth to the ideas, thoughts and feelings they have on a topic, encouraging expression.”

We offer 1-2 hour ‘taster’ sessions, 1 day introduction workshops, 2 day training programmes
and an extended workshop/e-learning course. All drawing materials and a workbook are provided,
we can deliver on a 1-1 or group basis – please call +44 7790 675352 or contact us for more information.