Accessibility & Inclusive Design

Today everyone is an information giver, advances in digital technology and reduced budgets has resulted in people creating materials without having design training.

Making sure that the information is clearly communicated to your audience in the appropriate format is good practice in inclusive design. However, following the RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind) guidelines in certain circumstances will not be enough to fully engage those you are trying to communicate with.

If the language, imagery, format or content isn’t appropriate then audiences simply won’t, or more specifically can’t, engage.

A great deal of our work focuses on providing an equal opportunity for all to access information – whether it is through the design of print documents, using visual maps to present information in a different format or working with clients and coaching them in effective communications. We pride ourselves on create designs which consider the audience at the START, DURING and at the END of materials development – undertaking consultation directly wherever possible.

Welsh Government: Medical Directorate

After Pat Vernon saw Fran creating visual minutes at the NHS SRG meeting, her team then commissioned us to create a toolkit with a series of flowcharts to communicate the new ‘Putting Things Right’ Redress Policy process in a simplified format. PuttingThingsRight_Toolkit

We also worked with the team to create a bilingual children’s leaflet with new graphic characters depicting children in scenarios where they might have concerns, to make the leaflet more readable and accessible.Children’s Leaflet (Eng) Children’s Leaflet (Welsh) A great project which produced three types of materials for people to access valuable information and a complex topic.

Older People’s Commissioner for Wales

We are very proud of the work we have undertaken for the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales’ team.

Our main aim was to extend their corporate style to increase the accessibility, this led to us then creating Communication Guidelines which included templates and artwork files for clients/external consultants to use. We also designed their well-publicised ‘Dignified Care?’ 120 page report and summary; leaflets and the Annual Review.

Healthcare Alliances: Inclusive Illustration

We’re working with Healthcare Alliances to trial the Dignified Revoluntion ‘Dignity Ward’ leaflet which we redesigned and are trialling with audiences currently.

Fran redesigned the leaflet to make it more accessible, then commissioned 3rd Year BA Illustration students at Cardiff Metropolitan University to create illustrations which were appropriate for older people. The two current favourites are  DW_louise_smith  DW_louise_fitz

Training in Inclusive Design

Fran has completed the RNIB Accessible Communications course and delivers workshops in ‘Improving Accessibility of Print and Communications’ to UWIC BA Graphic Communications.

Fran delivers training and coaching on this topic, working closely with clients to train teams and individuals to make their communication materials more inclusive. Clients find it very useful to have an accessibility expert review their materials and suggest ways to apply and ‘bend’ rules so they are as compliant as possible within brand constraints and budgets. For further Information please telephone Fran on 07780 675352 or contact us.