Visual Minutes / Graphic Recording

Visual Minutes or Graphic recording as
it’s also described, is a powerful way to engage participants and capture information generated at meetings and events. These ‘maps that travel’:

• trigger memories of the information

• increase recollection and engagement

• can be used as tools to present and share the information with colleagues

• provide a ‘way in’ to larger complex text-heavy documents

• are an effective way of sharing information digitally, acting as Social Media ‘collateral’

How’s it done?

The scribe synthesises discussions and presentations in a visual map, which can be used to promote further discussion, during and after the event. Visual maps provide real energy at events, as 65% of people prefer to receive information in a visual format, seeing the words from the event transcribed on huge pieces of paper around the walls increases not only accessibility and understanding but also engagement… Plus its fun!

The maps are usually large scale and can range from flipchart size sheets to giant 3 x 6m sheets – it depends on the space available, we have portable giant pinboards for larger maps. The style of map reflects the event and audience (as all effective communications should), for the Women’s Leadership Conferences we use a more illustrative feminine style, with IMD the style is more text-led and corporate.

With the NHS and Age Cymru events a focus was placed on communicating using messages with metaphors. At the Menter Môn World Café event working with 2 other graphic recorders Fran created bespoke templates based around the North Wales landscape to frame the harvested feedback.

Fran and the team’s design and illustration skills mean they can create something unique and appropriate materials for each client. She can digitally add logos and bilingual copy, and create Adobe Acrobat pdfs files from scans of the VM maps; these can be included with the written minutes to prompt recall and used to communicate the information to new audiences as part of PowerPoints.

Visuals minutes we’ve recently created include:

NHS Centre for Equality & Human Rights
Pat Vernon’s from the Welsh Government’s Medical Directorate presentation to the NHS CEHR Stakeholder Reference Group. NHS_Maps

Age Cymru / Oxfam
‘Seizing the Moment’ policy-setting workshops in St Asaph and Swansea. Two one-day sessions where Fran mapped the 30 minute presentations and captured participant voices during discussions and feedback. With part of the St Aspaph being conducted in Welsh. STM_Seminars

“Visual minutes were a very effective way of summarising  the essence and key messages of our two seminars.  The ‘live’ capture of discussions through vibrant, colourful images provided an immediate and easily accessible summary of key points raised.”
Dr Ceri Cryer, Growing Older in Wales Programme Manager, Age Cymru

IMD Professor of Leadership, Preston Bottger
We’ve created a whole range of Visual Minutes maps… some at the Discovery Event with 115 people, three VM maps for a session focusing on older people in the workforce, and other VM for sessions with CEO and the top team – with more already planned for 2012. PB_’Seniors’_Maps-boards

Women’s International Leadership Conference, Rome 2011
Fran spent an intensive 4 days in October moderating a plenary and graphic recording the 7 forums (images top of page and below).