Tools for more effective communication

Several really useful resources on the  Visual Literacy site a range of methods to improve communications. Not surprisingly, really well laid out with quick view and ability to download the docs. You’ll need some time to review all this properly… but it did inspire me to take action and read the resources. Highlights reviewed below, worth bookmarking for future presentations when you need some inspiration.

Making the Complex Clear
Text-heavy report but does provide robust grounding on the top, neat ‘cut out and keep’ memory cards on page 65 and reader checklist for feedback on page 66.

‘Sketching at Work’

This resource in particular provides non-designers with simple actions and templates they can use to clarify their thinking. It’s presented in a highly readable way, and the issuu format makes page ‘flicking’ very simple. The brevity of the document and use of white space and simple sketching is refreshing and will make people with low confidence in their drawing skills feel the outcomes are more attainable.

A Periodic Table of Visualisation Methods

Wow. Invaluable table showing what’s available, with colour coding and scope.

Note on Issuu

issuu is a free site where you can upload pdfs, so ideal for sharing large documents making them more accessible and readable – always a good priority. Highly recommended.

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