Welsh Enterpreneurs Conference 2012 – Outstanding!


Spent most of today at the inspiring – and hopefully first of many – Welsh Entrepreneurs Conference at City Hall in Cardiff with approx. 399 people. I’ve been looking forward to it since being part of the initial Linkedin discussion thread and it exceeded expectations.

Not surprisingly it was oversubscribed, Julie Meyers is the ideal keynote, with Bruce Dickenson and Edwina Hart (with surprise guest!) providing different perspectives. No signs of first event ‘hiccups’, seamless throughout from the world class speakers and workshops, to the venue and sticky pastries. I created some snapshot visual minutes and made interesting new connections.

The agenda shows the sections which I created the visual minutes from, these were sketched on my lap rather than usual boards so in a little looser style than usual:

Agenda, 14/11/2012
09.00 Female Entrepreneurs table discussion (ours was packed…)
10:00 Welcome Sarah Dickins, BBC Wales presenter and economic correspondent
10:10 Key Note Speaker Julie Meyer MBE, founder and CEO of Ariadne Capital, will provide a UK perspective on entrepreneurship.
10:50 Inspiring Entrepreneurship in Wales, Bruce Dickinson, founder of Cardiff aviation and lead singer with rock band Iron Maiden will provide the story behind his Welsh based business.
11:10 Edwina Hart, The Minister to address the conference outlining the importance of  entrepreneurial activity to the Welsh economy.
13:30 Second Interactive Session Dan Sodergen

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